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f!(_)(_)d IP Blocker 2013

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f!(_)(_)d IP Blocker 2013

Post on Fri Mar 22, 2013 12:50 am

f!(_)(_)d IP Blocker 2013

Hello All.

As you know that Nimbuzz server make up date
Specially in room servers
There Is a lot of Codes in Room

This Tool Using advantage For Stoping f-l(_)d-e_r

For IP Blocking, there must one of f!(_)(_)d ids being in the room
So you can't Send the Code For Blocking IP before f!(_)(_)d id left

This Tool will once f!(_)(_)d Id Send MSGs, catches it and !3@N it + !3@N IP

If f!(_)(_)d blocked will show you in box f!(_)(_)d x blocked
If it showed = f!(_)(_)d Can't Block
That means f!(_)(_)d id left fast or f-l(_)d-e_r Which f_l-(_)d-!_ng You Room he's online in your room
Then found he + /!3@N f him Very Happy


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