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rules and regulations

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rules and regulations

Post  Admin on Sun Jan 22, 2012 6:13 am

1. Members are not allowed to engage in threatening behavior toward other members. This includes flaming,@bu$ing via posts,PMs, or profiles.
2.No posting of personal information that isn't yours. Privacy is to be respected here. This includes any passwords, logins or dumps.
3.No adult images, adult links, or adult account trading.
4.Multiple accounts w:Dill not be allowed unless you are reporting your original account as losted. b@n evading will result in the permanent closing of your old account and new accounts. No exceptions.
5.No political or religious expression in your profile and in your posts. This includes user titles, signatures, and avatars.Any violation will b@_n_n-in_g your account.
7.Any rules posted in the forums header must also be reviewed. Some forums have special policies that must be adhered to. Don't post in any forum without reading them.
8.Respect Other Members.We belongs to the same family.

1. Post in the correct category. Read the forum descriptions if you are confused.
2. Use good grammar. Basically start sentences with a capital and end it with punctuation.
3. Don't double post. That's when you post one after another instead of editing your existing first post.
4. Don't cross post. That's when you repeat a post in multiple threads or categories.
5. Create relevant subjects for threads.
6. Be kind to others.
7. Act like a professional.

We deserves the right to update,modify the general rules without requesting permission from a member,authorities or third party individual.

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