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pa$w(_)rd Safe Box Version 1.0

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pa$w(_)rd Safe Box Version 1.0

Post  CodeWarrior on Fri Jun 08, 2012 5:21 pm

pa$w(_)rd Safe Box Version 1.0

Freeware Version

Application requirement

Net Framework 4.0
Microsoft Access 2007

Application Info

Using this application you can manage and hide your personal private account and pa$w(_)rd.
To prevent the unauthorized person for viewing your personal private account on your personal computer.
You can store your private account and pa$w(_)rd such as Mail and pa$w(_)rd, Social Network User and pa$w(_)rd,
PC User and pa$w(_)rd, Software and Serials, ATM Account and Pin, Bank Account and Account Number,
VISA Card and Pin, Credit Card and Pin and Other You want to be safe.

You can modified or add the Login and pa$w(_)rd account for this application.
SPSBox Version 1.0 is very easy to use because it is a user friendly Application.
SPSBox Version 1.0 is compatible for the Operating System such Windows XP and Windows 7 x86


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